HEATIT RC ENGINE PRE HEATER will pre-heat all the important parts of your nitro engine, giving you a minimal of stress and wear on the engine. It keeps your engines in top condition for much longer. It will give you a very easy and smooth engine start, with no stress on your starterbox. Fuel consumption is much less, as you do not have to spend time warming up and adjusting your engine. A pre-heatet glow-plug will increase the life of your plug. It is also perfect for break-in, as it reduces the "pinch" on your new engine. All in all you will experience that engine pre-heating is a must.

Specifications: Silicone heat element slided into a heat resistant cover. It is important to distribute a balanced heat all around, and into the engine, so this heater covers all of the engine. Voltage is 230V. It heats the engine to about 50°C to 70°C in around 10-15min based on the ambient temperature. Cover circumference from 15 to 21cm. Fitted with 1.5m black silicone wire. Heat resistant material with velcro locks. Mounted with EU plug with on/off switch.

Price 52.- euro / Shipping 10.- euro

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